Thursday, December 11, 2014

Return to Hong Kong

We had a couple of days in Hong Kong on our way home, mostly to break up the long journey. We took the tram and enjoyed the walk around Victoria Peak again. The cool rainy weather was quite a change from the heat six weeks earlier.


We'd been to the zoo and botanical gardens last time, but we hadn't made it to the nearby Hong Kong Park. It's definitely worth a visit, with a huge walk in aviary, nice ponds and gardens, and even a decent restaurant

Yellow-faced Mynah


We also went a bit further afield (on the metro) to the Nan Lian Chinese Garden, which turned out to be well worth the visit. Of course, any place with lots of bougainvillea is ok with me :-)


They also had a nice restaurant (vegetarian!) which was tucked away behind a waterfall.


The garden is managed by the Chi Lin Nunnery next door.


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