Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Raja Ampat Diving

I finally got through all my underwater photos from diving. I took over 1800 photos, out of which I picked about 100 to share. I should cut it down more, but ran out of time. That's too many to expect anyone to look at, so feel free to skim. A lot of these shots aren't that great photographically, but hopefully the fascinating subjects make up for that a little.

The diving was great, the best coral and the most fish I've ever seen. Raja Ampat definitely lived up to its reputation. The visibility wasn't always great, but the abundance of life more than made up for that.


The mantas were definitely one highlight.

manta rays

We didn't see many sea turtles, but the one that cruised around us was a delight to watch.

Hawksbill sea turtle

There were lots of nudibranchs, which are basically slugs, but much more colorful and varied than their terrestrial counterparts.


The anemonefish (Nemo's) are so colorful and also fun to watch as they play peekaboo.


We saw a number of wobbegone carpet sharks which were intriguing.

wobbegone shark

Diving around the mangroves was also great.

under the mangroves

I haven't gotten into shooting video while diving - still photography is challenging enough! But movement is a big part of the underwater scene and that really requires video. Here is one tiny clip that I shot.

Thanks to Raja 4 Divers and all their staff for a great diving trip.

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