Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Print of the Week


This is from the dive resort (Raja4Divers) we were at in Raja Ampat (Indonesia). It was a nice, although not spectacular sunset. I liked how the building at the end of the dock fitted into the the walkway and roof of the dining hall, and of course the reflections on the water. It was pure luck that I happened to catch Shelley waiting patiently for me inside. And if you look close you can even see our two glasses of wine also waiting patiently for us on the table :-)

The photo straight out of the camera was not that impressive. But as I keep saying to anyone interested in making better photographs - shoot raw and use Lightroom. Here's the original before processing. (Raw originals won't look as good as jpegs straight out of the camera, but they give you a lot more leeway to adjust afterwards.)

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