Thursday, December 25, 2014


Sitting in my comfortable chair in the living room on Christmas morning, I was browsing through the amazing photographs in Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 50 Years, a present from Shelley. And I was thinking I should be outside taking some photographs of my own. But it was cold out there, and I'd missed the sunrise, and mostly I was lazy, so I found a subject closer to hand :-)





photographer at work

Shelley thought it was hilarious that I was standing in the bathtub taking photographs. She often finds me amusing, I guess that's a good thing :-)

As usual with my abstract photos, I've taken liberties with the processing, although still only basic adjustments in Lightroom like exposure and contrast. The colour is just what was there, exaggerated with saturation and adjusted slightly with white balance. No Photoshop. These were taken with the little Sony RX100m2.

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Best wishes for the holidays!

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