Thursday, October 09, 2014

Kathmandu Zoo

I like to visit zoos wherever I go. Obviously, some are better than others, and places like Kathmandu don't tend to have great zoos but they're still fun to visit. (As long as you can get over the poor conditions that some animals are living in. But sadly, that's part of all zoos.)

Like the Hong Kong zoo, most of the cages were heavy wire mesh so it wasn't great for photographs.

One of the first things we saw were pelicans. The ones in Saskatoon are American white pelicans, these are an asian variety.


I'm not sure why the hippo was yawning, but we got a good look at his teeth!


Ostriches are such funny looking birds.


These are the greynecked or house crows that are very common here. They are the ones that wake us up at dawn every day. Another wild resident was a monkey (like the ones at the monkey temple). I looked over and saw it sitting by a tree, not in a cage, and my first thought was that it must be tied up somehow. But then it got up and sauntered away. Coming from Canada, I just don't expect to find monkeys wandering around!


The elephant seemed well looked after. When we left he was standing in the flower garden being fed grass and weeds by his keeper. He must be fairly well behaved because they were advertising elephant rides for the kids.


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