Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring Advances

It's interesting to see how the flowers on the trees progress. This one especially undergoes quite a transformation. (click on a photo to view it larger)

April 30
May 5
May 10
May 16
Some of the others are also opening up, like these ones:


And finally the leaves are starting to come and the brand new greenery is as beautiful as the flowers.

new leaves

sun on new leaves

Of course, we humans are not the only ones anxiously awaiting fresh growth. The gophers (Richardsons ground squirrels) took a somewhat destructive interest in these miniature tulips!

miniature tulips

These few tulips got a head start in a warm sheltered spot beside a window.


There are a few butterflies around. I'm guessing they overwintered? Which would fit with their raggedness.


These are more results from the little Sony RX100m2. I see the Mark 3 has just been announced, but I'm not sure it's got enough new or improved to justify switching. It has an electronic viewfinder, but I haven't really felt too much need for it. And it has even less of a telephoto where I'd rather have more.

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