Thursday, May 15, 2014

Larch Flowers

One of the nice things about Innovation Place is that they have planted a wide variety of trees. On my walk to work I pass several larches. Larches are interesting because they are conifers with needles and cones, but they are also deciduous and turn color and lose their leaves in the fall.

The other morning I noticed they were blooming. The flowers are small but pretty. As usual, click on a photo to view it larger.

Larch flowers

Larch flowers

Larch flowers

Larch flowers

And further on there were more showy blooms on another tree:


The good part about getting distracted taking photos was it meant I missed the fire drill :-)

These were taken with the RX100m2, again doing quite well at close ups.

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  1. The yellow flowers are forsythia. I love the way they flower before the leaves open. There are several large forsythia bushes in flower in front of City Hall, opposite the Frances Morrison Library (Saskatoon).