Sunday, May 11, 2014

First Flowers

I had heard the crocuses (or croci if you want to sound scientific) were out so on my walk yesterday, after wandering along by the water, I headed up the bank to look for them. At first all I found was one single small flower.

prairie crocus

I took a few photos but I figured there had to be more. Sure enough, a little further on, where I remembered seeing them other years, there was a large patch of them. I had to be careful not to step on them while maneuvering to take photos.

prairie crocus

Prairie Crocus are the first flowers to bloom on the prairie in the spring. It's amazing how they can grow and be ready to flower barely after the snow is gone. Frost won't kill them either, which is a good thing since snow is forecast tonight!

I had a fun session taking photos of them. The people jogging and bicycling by on the path probably wondered why I was crawling around on the ground!

Aiming into the sun made the hairs on the stems and petals stand out.

prairie crocus

I put the macro lens to work taking closeups of the yellow stamens and the pistils at the center of the flowers.

prairie crocus

If you're up for more you can view all 18 photos as a slideshow or overview or slideshow

My prints of the week were 8x10's of a couple of these for the fridge.

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