Saturday, May 31, 2014

Backyard Safari

Sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and a cup of tea I noticed a few insects and flowers around so after I finished my tea I put the macros lens on the camera and took a few photos.

Since not everyone is excited by insects, I'll start with one of Shelley's flowers:


Here was the first bug I noticed, mostly because it landed on me! It was about 2 cm long.

insect on chair

There was a similar one on the basement window with its wings open. The end of its body was different - damage? or it loses its ovipositor? I like the little "handles" sticking out from its body - not sure what they're for. Anyone know what kind of insect this is?

insect on window

Behind our house we have a bunch of starry false Solomon's seal which are actually native. (They're also spreading like weeds, but quite nice weeds.) (Thanks to Penny for the id.) I was just going to photograph the flowers, but then I noticed the ants and the ladybug. Ladybugs often pause to have their picture taken but the ants are more frenetic so it took a few tries to get this shot.

ladybug & ant on flower

There was another ladybug on our patio table. (You can see how shallow the depth of focus is with macro, and this was at f11, not wide open.)


And one last plant photo (no flower, but pretty variegated leaves).

variegated leaves with ant

The ant (did you notice it?) was an unintended addition. It's not quite in focus, but it stands out well against the light green.

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