Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ice Too

After breakfast, the sun was shining and it looked too nice to stay indoors, so I headed out, with my camera, of course. It was already -4c and rising, but it's cold standing around taking photos, so I dressed warmly. I was glad I did when I ended up lying on the wet ice for some shots. As usual, click to view larger, or view all 27 photos as a slideshow or overview.

I didn't make it out of the back alley before starting on the photos:

back alley river of ice

You can see why some shots required lying on the ice:


Some of these shots invite playing with brightness and contrast:





I also took photos of geese and a few other non-ice things, but I'll save them for a second post.

I was forced to stop shooting when I ran out of memory. I usually have spare memory cards with me, but almost all of them are full of trip pictures and I had set them aside until they were all safely backed up in multiple locations. It was probably just as well that I ran out anyway since 500 photos was plenty to edit. And it was time for coffee :-)

View all 27 photos as a slideshow or overview

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