Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Skaha Details

First day of climbing at Skaha Bluffs. We got to the bottom of the climbs and discovered Shelley forgot her climbing shoes in the car. That was partly my fault since I'd organized all the climbing gear, but I wasn't sure which of her shoes she wanted so I hadn't pulled out any. While Shelley jogged back to the car I pulled out my camera to take a few random shots in the morning light.

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Dandelion Seeds

We had a great day climbing. Climbed 9 routes, from 5.7 to 5.10a. It always takes a few climbs to get used to the rock again. The temperature didn't get that high - only about 18c - but the sun was plenty hot. It sprinkled a little rain later in the afternoon but it didn't amount to anything.

Had a good supper at the Sage and Vines Bistro. And through the wonders of Facebook, we had a quick visit with an old friend (Jesse) that we hadn't known was in Penticton.

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