Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Skaha

Canada goose family
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We woke up this morning and looked out the tent door to find a family of Canada geese camped right in front of our tent. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera in the tent. Predictably, when we got out they moved away, but I pulled on my pants and grabbed my camera and managed to get a few shots of them before they swam away.

Last night we had a great dinner at the Vanilla Pod restaurant at the Poplar Grove winery. We had been to Vanilla Pod a couple of times when they were in Summerland and really enjoyed it, but this was definitely a more scenic location looking down on Penticton and the lake. The sunset was lovely and we watched the colors develop and then fade. I didn't have my camera but Shelley took a few shots with her iPhone.

After two days of solid climbing we were a little stiff this morning. Nevertheless, we did some harder climbs that left our fingertips sore from the small edges. We climbed till noon and took the afternoon off to relax and visit a couple of wineries (Blue Mountain and Noble Ridge). Both were excellent. We decided to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and a cheese platter on Noble Ridge's deck with a wonderful view of the mountains and lake.

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