Thursday, May 02, 2013

An Evening Walk

Last night, after supper, for some reason I just didn't want to sit and stare at a screen, regardless of whether it was a Kindle or an iPad or a MacBook. So I took my camera and headed out for a walk. Typically, I set out thinking I probably wouldn't find anything to photograph, and ended up taking lots. I didn't see much wildlife. There were a few loons and western grebes on the river. I liked the evening light on the water rushing out of the storm drain. And a sunset shot through the grass turned out alright.

(click to view photos)


  1. You just need a new challenge - how about bringing jSuneido to an android device ? :-D

  2. Ha ha. Not so bad to take a break occasionally!

    Android might be tricky because jSuneido compiles to standard JVM byte code, which doesn't run directly on Android AFAIK. Have to convert to Dalvik or something?

    How about jSuneido on the Raspberry Pi instead :-)