Saturday, March 09, 2013

Charlottesville, Virginia

We enjoyed our visit to Charlottesville. We arrived just after a big snowstorm but the weather cleared and warmed up and was quite nice for us, despite the piles of snow! Lots of places in the country were still without power and several of the wineries we visited were making do with candles. In addition to the wineries we had hoped to do the Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park, but unfortunately the road was closed due to the snow (see the photo). But we still enjoyed exploring the backroads through the hills. (In a rented Prius.) We stayed at The Inn at 400 West High which was a lovely B&B (see the photo of the stained glass window in one of the bathrooms) and only a block from the pedestrian mall with lots of coffee shops and restaurants. This area is full of history - we had an interesting visit to Thomas Jefferson's house, Monticello (several photos). We also had a Dave Mathews theme - visiting his Blenheim Vineyards and eating at his Shebeen South African restaurant (and listening to some of his music while we drove around)

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Blenheim Vineyards

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