Sunday, February 10, 2013

Santa Barbara to Tucson

We didn't leave Santa Barbara till 2pm so we took the bus out to the old Mission and the Natural History Museum. See Shelley's post for more details. If you're in Santa Barbara, don't miss the largest Moreton Fig tree in North America, right behind the Amtrak station. (I love big trees!)

The trip from Santa Barbara was uneventful, although it was Friday and the train was busy. I was still under the weather from the cold I was fighting so we stayed in the LA Union station for our five hour layover. It's an impressive old station, but cold weather, no heat, and open doors and windows made it a chilly place to hang out. We were glad for our winter jackets!

We stopped in Tucson to meet up with Shelley's Dad (who drove down from Phoenix). We went out to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum - definitely worth visiting if you're in Tucson. "Museum" is a bit misleading, it's got live animals, aviaries, nature trails, and even an aquarium. I'm fascinated by the diversity of plants and animals in the desert.

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Harris Hawk

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