Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Favorite Photos of 2012

Here are my favorites of my photos from 2012. It's always hard to choose, and your favorites may not be the same as mine.  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them. Much thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement and support through the year.

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2012 was another great year. In March we took the train out to Vancouver and the ferry to Victoria. In April / May we drove down to Red Rocks (near Las Vegas) to rock climb and drove back through California, visiting Sequoia and Yosemite. We stuck around Saskatoon to enjoy the summer. In September / October we drove down to Baja Mexico for scuba diving and sea kayaking. (Photos of all these trips are on Flickr)

I went another year without flying. That makes three years except for the short flights between Florida and the Bahamas at the end of 2011 (the ferry quit running). Of course, we did quite a bit of driving instead, but with two of us in our Prius, it's better than flying. (And flying it's a lot easier to rack up a lot more miles.)

You can see last year's favorite photos at 2011 Favorites

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  1. Absolutely amazing photos Andrew, thanks for sharing.

    Myra James