Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Miles

From Rock Springs we drove down Flaming Gorge. Stopped at Sheep Creek to see if the Kokanee salmon were running (imported into the reservoir years ago). Unfortunately, the only sign of them was one dead salmon. Not sure if we're too early or too late.

Had a quick supper in Price and then continued on to a KOA in Green River for the night.

The next day (yesterday) we drove on to Moab for breakfast. Picked up a latte for the road from Wicked Brew. Lots of bike shops in Moab!

Great scenery driving south. Went through Monument Valley. Made it to Flagstaff for afternoon coffee. Then the scenic drive to Sedona and across to Prescott. A slow winding road, but an interesting drive. Jerome looked like a place to visit - an old mining town turned artist/tourist hangout perched on a steep hillside.

We arrived in Prescott with daylight left to find a campsite and somewhere decent for supper. Found Watson lake campground and set up our tent in a nice spot, only to discover, when we went to pay, that the campground wasn't open weekdays. I guess we should have clued in from the lack of other campers. By the time we re-packed and found another campground it was dark. We settled for pizza at the nearby mall for supper. On the positive side it was really good pizza.

Today we drove from Prescott to La Centro near the border, ready to cross at Tecate tomorrow. The temperature hit 42c and we were mighty thankful for air conditioning in the car. It was too hot even to camp so we checked into a hotel for the first time this trip. We even made it there early enough to relax, except Shelley decided to hit the fitness center, and of course, I had to join her. Actually, it felt good to get some exercise after sitting in the car for five days. I would rather have been out hiking in the mountains, but not in this heat! After our workout we had a refreshing dip in the pool to cool off.

It was nice to reach the desert today and see the Saguaro, cholla, and ocotillo cactus and the Joshua trees. I like the bizarre vegetation of the desert.

Not a whole lot of good choices for supper. We ended up at Cicinelli's, an Italian place. Nothing fancy, but good food and quiet (no TV's!)

Reading a book about the wines of Baja, I came across a place to stay called Adobe Guadalupe connected to a winery. I emailed them and they emailed back saying they had one room left. I responded right away saying we'd take it. I didn't hear back but I assumed we were booked. Later I received an email saying we didn't give them a credit card in time so they gave the room to someone else. Except, they never asked us for credit card information. If they had, I would have given it to them. Very annoying. Oh well, their loss. I'm sure we'll find something else.

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