Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Java Peddler

We're having coffee at the Java Peddler in Rock Springs, Wyoming. It's a combination bike shop and espresso bar :-)

We had a nice drive through Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. Stopped for a hike and to watch Old Faithful erupt. It's slower going through the parks, but beautiful.

Had supper in Jackson at Trio Bistro - a nice little place. It was busy for a Monday night so we sat at the bar and watched the kitchen at work. Not much vegetarian, but they happily accommodated us. Had a nice glass of Oregon Pinot Noir (Castle Rock). Shelley tried to refuse the dessert menu, but I interrupted and said it couldn't hurt to at least look! We managed to squeeze in a very tasty Raspberry Sorbet.

Spent another frosty night at the KOA just south of Jackson. Nice tent sites down by the river, although arriving after dark we didn't see too much.

Scenic drive out of the mountains this morning and onto the sagebrush flatlands. We've seen a fair amount of wildlife - wild turkeys, deer, buffalo, hundreds of pronghorn. I think we were in the pronghorn migration area.

We're taking a more easterly route than the last few times when we've been headed to Las Vegas to climb at Red Rocks. Which means staying well away from Salt Lake City since you tend to get sucked into the Interstates and into the city. I hate the Interstates and their fast food, convenience stores, and chain hotels. Yuck. We're going to head for Moab since we've never been through there. And then work our way south-west to the Mexican border. So far the weather has been great - clear and sunny.

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