Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Road Trip Tools

I love exotic places like Africa and South America and Asia, but I also love North America. Our continent contains an amazingly diverse collections of landscapes. Here are some of the tools (books and apps) that I've used to explore it. (All of them happen to be from National Geographic, but that's just coincidental.)

A decent road atlas plus it covers some of the National Parks and some outdoor activities. Even if you have a car GPS, an old fashioned paper atlas still comes in handy sometimes.

These books are great to get an idea of what each park is like, and some of the highlights. They don't have room to give every detail but they're a good starting point.
There's also a National Parks iPhone app.

Note: The app itself is free but they charge for each park guide.

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  1. I agree. We've really enjoyed our travels all over NA, especially the recent trips south of the 49th. The diversity is quite amazing.