Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rise and Shine

Here's yesterday's schedule to avoid the heat. Up at 4:30am, to get to the coffee shop when they open at 5am, to get to the park when they open the gates at 6am. Climbing by 7am, eight bolted sport routes (both of us leading each) finished by 10:30. Back drinking coffee in town by 11am. Getting up that early - painful, missing the heat - priceless.

Sometimes I wonder where Shelley gets her energy. She doesn't even drink coffee! We made another early start this morning, and got in a good morning on some (for us) harder climbs. And we'd just lost our shade. So I started packing up. Shelley came down off her last climb (which she had insisted on leading, even though I'd only top-roped it) and asked why I'd changed into my hiking shoes. I said I was done for the day. "Oh" :-( was all she said. We find some shade to have a snack before heading down. "Which big route should we climb tomorrow?" she asks cheerily. I inform her that I'm not climbing 5 days in a row. "Oh" :-( I tell her she has to make allowances for my lack of endurance.

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