Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avoiding Salt Lake City

It was with great joy that I turned the car away from the interstate and back into the mountains. Shelley would have been ok with just getting on the freeway and getting to where we were going. She doesn't have quite the same revulsion for the hellishness of the interstates.

Of course, around a big city like Salt Lake, the roads tend to be like spokes on a wheel, leading to the center. Going anywhere else is cutting across the grain. On top of that, the mountains themselves restrict where the roads can go. So it was a convoluted route that I plotted to go around the worst of it.

Unfortunately, one of the key legs of my route was closed, probably still too much snow from the winter. So we were forced towards "civilization". Shelley did a good job of navigating us through Provo and keeping me off the I15. (Shelley: Yes, but he still complained about having to drive thru a city for 10 minutes!) (Andrew: it was at least 15)

We had supper at Mom's Cafe in Salinas (open since 1926), camped at the Butch Cassidy Campground, and had breakfast at the Little Wonder Cafe in Richfield. Rustic, but better than Motel 6 and Denny's. (IMHO)

I have another roundabout route planned for today :-)

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