Sunday, February 12, 2012

Are Canadian environmentalists a terrorist threat?

I sure hope environmentalists are a "threat" to the current world order, although I wouldn't call it "terrorist" in the bomb throwing sense. Realistically, I would say environmentalists are currently more a nuisance than a real threat. It's a good sign that the government feels threatened, but the majority of people are still perfectly happy to drive around in their tar sands fueled SUV's.

From the Sierra Club:
In a report released yesterday outlining the federal government’s new counter-terrorism strategy, Public Safety Canada listed environmentalists among other “issue-based domestic extremists” that could pose a threat to Canadians.
Here's the relevant part of the report:
Such extremism tends to be based on grievances—real or perceived—revolving around the promotion of various causes such as animal rights, white supremacy, environmentalism and anti-capitalism.

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  1. It's embarrassing to live in a country where enough people vote for Harper that he can be our prime minister. Calling environmentalists "extremists" and "terrorists" is a deliberate and cynical manipulation to further the interests of a small group of people at the expense of all Canadians and everyone on the planet.