Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dragonfly in the Grass

One morning a few days ago, I found this guy in the shade on some dew soaked grass, not moving. I wasn't sure he was alive but when I carefully picked him up he grabbed onto my finger. I carried him home and set him in the sun while I ran inside for my camera. I took a few shots quickly, but the grass wasn't the best background so I picked him up to move him. He must have just been cold and was warming up now. He started to vibrate his wings, which I've read insects do to help warm up, in the same way we might do some jumping jacks. Before I had a chance to set him down for more photos he must have warmed up sufficiently and off he went. So this is the best shot I got:

There have been a lot of dragonflies around this summer. No doubt the result of several wet years. I'm happy to have them around eating the mosquitos. They are amazing fliers and hunters.

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