Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great Places don't have bottled water

Last night I went to the Spacing Road Show event put on by Great Places Saskatoon. It was an interesting discussion.

But I was disappointed to see the speakers / panel with bottled water. Here's the email I sent them:
Thanks for the event last night, it was interesting. 
One small suggestion - don't use bottled water for the speakers and panel. Even if the bottles are recycled/recyclable/compostable there is still a lot of energy involved in manufacturing and transporting them. All to get water that could just as well come from the tap. (and hopefully not served in disposable cups) 
I realize that Great Places focus is not strictly environmental, but obviously the environment plays a large role in great places. 
People attending these kinds of events look at them as good examples. If they see you using bottled water, they are going to think it's ok.

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