Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Riding the Rails

I left this morning from Saskatoon on the train, headed for Montreal and then Boston.

I like traveling on the train - lots of time to gaze out the window at the scenery and think about life, the universe, and everything.

Saw some wildlife - ducks, muskrats, a coyote, red winged blackbirds, and coots (both birds and humans).

There is a lot of water around and the Qu'appelle valley near the Manitoba border was really flooded. And the water is high in Winnipeg.

I'm traveling "sleeper" class in an "upper berth" this time. Meals are included so I'm eating in the dining car for the first time. So far the food has been good. My fellow passengers seem to mostly older retired people.

On the bus back from Banff the other day I was sitting beside a couple of young guys who spent the time talking about strippers, beer, unemployment insurance, and cars. In the dining car at lunch it was all about politics. I didn't participate much in either conversation but one was more entertaining than the other!

At supper I had a fascinating conversation with an older retired gentleman who was finishing a seven month trip around the world solo, by train and ship (no airplanes) - something I'd love to do.

The train stops for three hours in Winnipeg and the the train station is close to the Forks area. (A little nicer than the area around the Saskatoon train station!) Shelley and I were here in the winter. Then, the lower path by the river was closed due to ice, now it's under water. After stretching my legs wandering around I ended up at the lounge at The Inn at the Forks for a glass of wine. It's a hard life :-)

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  1. I used to love going to The Forks as a child when we lived in Thompson and went to Winnipeg!!