Friday, May 27, 2011

Parlez vous Francais?

For years the foreign language I've been dealing with the most is Spanish. I haven't used French much since high school (classes and a summer in Europe).

So here in Montreal I keep finding myself saying "si" instead of "oui" and "gracias" instead of "merci". At least "no" is close enough, but even then I have a tendency to say "no, gracias".

My brain obviously knows to not speak English, it just hasn't managed to remember it should be French.

Although I don't think of them in time to use them, I'm surprised that bits and pieces of French are coming back to me from so long ago.

Luckily no one seems to be bothered by my faux pas and they just talk to me in English :-)

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  1. Hey, we're talking the same language!