Saturday, July 31, 2010


I stopped overnight in Seattle on my way back from Santa Clara. On the way in Mt. Rainier was looming over Seattle so big and clear that it looked like it rose from the edge of the city. Awesome!

I stayed at the Best Western at Pioneer Square because it was close to the train station. It was ok but seemed very overpriced for a pretty ho hum hotel in a somewhat seedy area. I stayed at much nicer places for less money on this trip. On the positive side, I had a very good late supper at Cafe Paloma just a few doors away.

I haven't been in Seattle for a long time. Lots of coffee shops :-) I had my morning coffee at Trabant which got good reviews and had free wifi. The funny part was that when I gave him my travel mug he said "you want me to put your latte in that?". Gotta love snobby coffee shops.

I only had the morning so I headed over to Pike Place Market. They were just opening which was nice since there weren't many people. All the flower stalls were gorgeous on the morning light. I walked through the market and down the hill to the aquarium, which turned out to be very good. I loved watching the big octopus moving around. (usually they're just hiding). It was getting busy by the time I left. Zoos and aquariums are always full of kids, which is great (although annoying!) But how come adults outgrow it?

I stopped for an early lunch at Fonte Coffee Roaster and Wine Bar. Coffee places can be a little grungy but this place was more like a trendy wine bar. The coffee was amazing, the best I've had in a long time. My frittata was excellent as well.

I hit one last coffee shop on my way to the station to catch the bus to Vancouver I couldn't resist a place called Cafe Zeitgeist.

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