Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back in Portland

Took the train from Vancouver to Portland. A pleasant trip - I got a seat on the right (ocean) side of the train and it was a beautiful day. Saw quite a few great blue herons on the shore and a few bald eagles. Funny to see canada geese - on the ocean Good views of Mt. Rainier. It was a hot day outside but the train was freezing. I wish people wouldn't go quite so overboard on the air conditioning.

Usually I'd walk from the train station but I was meeting Shelley so I hopped on the Max train. It's great being able to ride the train for free in the downtown area. Saves having to figure out fares and tickets.

Shelley was waiting in the lounge enjoying a glass of wine and a goat cheese cheesecake. We relaxed and enjoyed the view of the river. The sky was clear blue. We couldn't remember seeing Mt. Hood from Portland before.

We went to Veritable Quandary for supper. It's getting to be a favorite, just a few blocks from the Riverplace Hotel, nice atmosphere and great food. It was a good thing we'd made a reservation before we left Saskatoon - it was full and the staff were hustling.

We had a nice Oregon Pinot Noir - Four Graces. I started with the wild mushroom spinach salad, delicious We let the cook surprise us with a vegetarian entrée and he did an excellent job - a wild rice risotto, morel mushrooms, three kinds of peas, fava beans, and a touch of lemon. Very yummy. We shared a single entrée so we'd have room for chocolate soufflé for desert.

That was Saturday. Today (Sunday) we have a shuttle booked to Timberline lodge on Mt. Hood where we'll stay tonight and start (and finish) our five day hike around the mountain. Probably no Internet on the mountain :-) so no more blog posts till we get back.

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