Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mouse-Capades 2

I got up this morning, put the kettle on for tea, and opened the blinds to see if any birds were at the bird feeder. And what do I see? A mouse inside the bird feeder!

The question is whether it's the same mouse who managed to navigate from the river several blocks back to my house, or a new one. I suspect it's my old friend returned since I've only ever seen the one mouse around.

I ran downstairs, grabbed a cloth bag, this time big enough to fit over the feeder, and headed outside. I almost missed him. As I approached the tree he started down the trunk. But he made the wrong choice when he saw me and returned to the shelter of the bird feeder.

I pulled the bag up around the feeder and tapped on it to get him out. Sure enough he jumped out, right into the bag. But I almost lost him because he ran straight up the inside of the bag heading for freedom. It was a good try but I shook him back to the bottom and closed the top of the bag.

This time I took him for a bike ride across the bridge to Sutherland beach. Hopefully that'll be sufficient to prevent him from finding his way back to the free food.


  1. That is ONE determined mouse!!!

  2. Found your blog via that wonderful "next blog" button, and have 2 comments - 1, you take some beautiful photos, and 2, life experience has shown me that there's no such thing as "one mouse". I think you are looking at siblings, or perhaps cousins.

  3. Are you sure you don't want a kitty? We guaratee excelent mousers!