Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Travel Update

A quick update since we'll probably be out of touch for a few days.

After the rain forest we flew back to Cusco. (the rest of the family headed home). Decided to take the Peru Rail Andean Explorer train to Puno. Similar cost as flying but we figured it would be more interesting and we'd see more of the countryside. Turned out to be quite posh with wine with lunch.

We spent the night at the Sonesta Posada in Puno - unremarkable but a nice location right on lake Titicaca.

Then took the bus to Arequipa. Always a challenge to figure out the buses - there are dozens of private bus companies all going different places at different times and varying widely in quality of buses and service. We found one that turned out mid-range. We got good seats right at the front of the second level so had good views and leg room. The only negative was that there was no ventilation and it got pretty hot and stuffy by the end of the 5 1/2 hours.

Stayed at another Sonesta Pasada in Arequipa, mostly because it was right on the Plaza de Armas (main square). Had supper at Paladar restaurant - very nice - recommended.

Today we're heading by bus to Chivay and then to Cabanaconde to hike in the Colca Canyon. Tried to get an 8am bus but it was either full or cancelled so we bought tickets for an 11:30 bus and headed back downtown to wander and visit the Cusco Coffee Company again.

Not sure if we'll have Internet till we get back to Arequipa on the 10th.

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