Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Get Your Walk Score - A Walkability Score For Any Address

Our current address gets a "Somewhat walkable" 52 out of 100. We avoid driving by riding our bikes.

If Rivergreen Ecovillage gets off the ground and we move there, we'd rate 90 out of 100 - "Walker's Paradise"

How does your address rate?


  1. Based on my results, I wouldn't trust this website's data. It showed the nearest drugstore as being 4 blocks away - somehow it missed the Shopper's across the street. And it didn't display the Extra Foods grocery store two and a half blocks from my house either; it only picked up a tiny corner store that is further away. Nor did it catch the City Perks coffee shop. My score was 52/100, which seems very low to me considering that I walk almost everywhere.

  2. Shouldn't be a surprise living in a big city, but we get 72. We do have pretty much everything we need within a few blocks of home.

  3. It didn't accept a land location for an address so I used Prud'homme and apparently I am "car-dependent". Not if I became a hermit!

  4. Of course, "walkability" depends on the "walker" as well as the location. Lots of people jump in their car to go a few blocks, or even across the big box parking lots.

    And, Jennie, even hermits have to get groceries :-)

  5. Meah, that's what delivery is for!