Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Letter to Arc'teryx

I recently sent this to Arc'teryx:

I love your products. I have used your clothes, packs, and harnesses for many years. I love the attention you pay to design and details

However, I was recently shopping for a new harness at MEC and I was quite disappointed to see the metal box packaging.

In a time when we should be placing more and more emphasis on sustainability and the environment I think it's awful that you would choose such wasteful packaging.

Sure, the metal boxes look nice, but they aren't even very good packaging. Once you pull a harness out to look at it or check sizing it's just about impossible to fit it back in the box, with the result that the sales rack is full of lids and boxes with harnesses hanging out. Not the elegant look that I assume you were aiming for.

Please consider changing your packaging. A simple mesh bag or cardboard box would be more than enough.

If you agree, consider sending your own letter to Arc'teryx.

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