Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cayman Lizards

My father always said "man should not live where Bougainvillea will not grow", meaning you should live in tropical climates, i.e. not Saskatchewan! Presumably this sentiment came from my parents' 10 years in East Africa. I do like Bougainvillea and the climates where it grows, but my own version would be "people should not live where lizards cannot". (There are virtually no lizards in Saskatchewan, certainly not common like in tropical climates.)

This guy was a baby, only about an inch long. We saw it and the one following along the Mastic Trail. We first tried the West end of the trail but after slogging through ankle deep water for 1/2 a kilometer or so, we gave up. The East end of the trail turned out to be much drier and quite an interesting walk, although very hot. We even saw a couple of wild parrots.

This one was on the wall beside our hotel room. I think it's a Green Anole.

And this one is a captive endangered Blue Iguana at the Botanical Gardens.

Common Iguanas are much more, well, common, like this one leaving a parking lot.

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  1. There's a connection I didn't know I had with you -- Bouganvillea (I don't know how to spell it in English) is common in Guatemala of course. We planted some in the small patio of the house we have in the suburbs of Guatemala City, but my brother-in-law had to rip it out because it was too much of a weed. There's something satisfying about living in a place where exotic tropical plants need to be ripped out as weeds, not tended to cautiously, trying to coax them into growing.