Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Busy Beavers

When I was walking to work the other day I saw a beaver swimming upstream towards the weir. Usually you see them at dusk rather than broad daylight, and usually they are quite shy towards people. But this one seemed to be on a mission and was ignoring me and the parking lot and people above. When it reached the concrete apron of the weir it climbed out of the water, walked around the weir, and slid back into the water. There is an island just upstream of the weir, maybe that's where it was headed.

I only had my small Canon SD700 IS with me with a 4x zoom. I wished I'd had my Canon S3 IS with it's 12x zoom. Of course, the reason I had a camera at all is because the SD700 is small enough to keep in my pack all the time. (My last 4 cameras have been Canon's. Partly this is just because I'm familiar with them now. But Flickr's numbers show that Canon has become very popular.)

It's good to see the beavers are still around. I wonder why they choose to live in town? You'd think the people and noise and pollution etc. would drive them away.

No doubt some people view them as a nuisance. They can certainly be destructive. Here's some of their handiwork from beside the outlet of Beaver Creek:

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