Monday, April 30, 2007

Eagle Creek Paddle

On Sunday I a section of Eagle Creek about 30 minutes from Saskatoon. (Zoom out to see where it is in relation to Saskatoon, zoom in to see how twisty the creek is.)

I had heard about it but had never been there. It was a fun day. I dropped my bike off at the end of the section and left the car at the start.

The kayak and bike on top of the Prius ruin the aerodynamic fuel efficiency!

Some sections were very placid:

Other sections were rougher.

The kayak gained a few new scratches on the bottom on these sections. A couple of times I walked down. You could see the creek had been quite a bit higher earlier in the spring.

I saw quite a lot of wildlife including rabbits, deer, muskrats, mink, leopard frogs, geese, ducks, herons, kingfishers, and hawks.

Things are just starting to turn green. The color of the new leaves on the trees is shockingly bright against the drab winter browns and grays.

It was about 10 km as the crow flies but a lot more on the creek. It took me just over four hours. Since it was my first long paddle of the season, I'm sure I'll be a little sore! The day started out sunny and calm but by the time I was biking back to the car it was cloudy, a few drops of rain, and a strong wind (against me, of course!). With the wind and the soft gravel it took me almost an hour to bike the 15 km back to the car.

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