Saturday, October 08, 2016

Paragliding Makarska, Croatia

I had another amazing flight today, this time at Makarska, Croatia. Conditions were not ideal and we weren't sure we'd be able to fly, but we made it into the air. It's quite a long drive up the mountain, into a national park, and then about a 20 minute hike to the launch.

Shelley hiking to launch

From launch you could look down to the town. The LZ (landing zone) on the beach looked pretty tiny from up here!

Makarska from launch

The launch was rocky but otherwise pretty good.

prepping to launch

Nick went first to check out the conditions and then flew straight down to the LZ to talk people through their landings.

Nick launching

Most people just headed down, but I managed to stay up on the ridge, scratching for bits and pieces of lift. After about 40 minutes I got up above the ridge and level with the clouds and took a cruise along the face. At the end of the face I started to get sucked up into a bigger cloud so I headed for the beach. This is an amazing site, you are 4000 feet above the Mediterranean sea, flying beside 1000 foot cliffs. It was quite warm on the ground and I didn't wear my heavier gloves, a choice I sorely regretted as I lost the feeling in all but my forefingers and thumbs, which were luckily all I needed to fly! Thankfully I recorded this flight on video. (My memory card filled up after an hour, but I got all but the final descent.)

Here's a two minute clip about 40 minutes into the flight to give you a taste of what it was like:

And the Doarama 3D visualization to get an idea of the overall flight:

And Shelley's video of landing at the beach:

We're hoping the weather will cooperate to get another flight here tomorrow.

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