Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First Flight

We met up with Nick and our group today and got in our first flight from Gaisberg, a hill close to Salzburg. It was a late afternoon flight and conditions were quite mellow, but that suited us fine for our first flight of the trip. I still managed a bit of excitement since I ended up with a knot in my lines that pulled me towards the trees at the side of the launch. Thankfully it wasn't a problem to steer clear and with some yanking I was able to clear the knot. It's not a very big hill, and there was little lift, but it was quite scenic, and the late afternoon light was lovely. I didn't take any photos in flight, but I got a few before and after.

Everyone getting ready to launch:

prep to launch

Shelley getting set up, Austrian countryside in the background:

prep to launch

Shelley landing:

Shelley landing

Packing up:

packing up

Shelley packing

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