Sunday, May 15, 2016

Friday Photos

After a rainy week, Friday was finally clear. I decided to carry the big camera (Nikon 7200 with 18-300) for a change. As usual, I didn't make it half a block before I had to start taking photos of yet another sign of spring - lilac blossoms. We had a big lilac bush at the house where I grew up and the smell of the flowers always reminds me of it.


The sun was glinting off the river brightly.

sun on the river

The new leaves are still such a bright green, especially after the rain.

bright green new leaves

The Canada geese have their baby goslings out and about on the river. This family passed right underneath me on the railway bridge.

geese and goslings

I'm always amazed at how prolific some of the seeds are. Although when they cover our car and get in all the vents I'm not so impressed!

prolific seeds

I usually go for sharp, clear images but occasionally, as with these flowers, a soft treatment seems to match how I saw them.

flowers, soft treatment

The native crocuses are pretty much gone by now. The ones in the gardens last a bit longer but even they are going to seed.

crocus seeds

The dandelions have also passed their initial peek and are going to seed. This was a pair of handheld shots focus stacked with Photoshop. For one I focused on the outside edge, and for the other on the (nearer) center.

dandelion seeds

There are lots of spider webs around and I liked the dew drops on this one.

dew drops on spider web

The fruit trees are still in flower, although the petals are dropping and littering the ground below.

flowering trees

I can't remember what these plants are. They keep their large leaves over the winter and are one of the earliest to flower. Both the leaves and flowers tend to be somewhat ragged, but I caught these flowers while they were still in good shape.


And I couldn't pass up a few more lilacs on the way home.


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