Sunday, December 06, 2015


The sunrise this morning was very colorful. I wasn't going to try to take photos because our view is quite cluttered, but Shelley started taking some and shamed me into it :-)

Here's the overall "cluttered" view. Although the ground does slope down behind the house it's not quite enough to have a clear view.


To make better photos I zoomed in to smaller sections of the scene.


After taking one shot of this, I realized the camera was focusing on the near tree, so I took another shot focusing on the far trees. As I was trying to choose between them I realized I could "focus stack" them, basically taking the top part of one and the bottom part of the other. Although Lightroom now lets you merge panoramas and HDR, you still need to use another tool like Photoshop to do focus stacking. Hopefully that'll come to Lightroom at some point.

And even tighter:


And a little different section:


When you shoot raw, you have the freedom to adjust the white balance after the fact. That's great, except it means you have to try to remember what the color really was, or at least decide what you want it to be. I always laugh when I hear that someone's digital photo has not been processed at all, since that's impossible. It might have made slightly more sense in the days of film, but digital photographs have to be processed from the sensor data. There's no such thing as "no processing". All it means is that you left the processing to the camera's (or computer's) automatic choices. Of course, "processing" is a slippery slope if you're doing it manually and there is admittedly more room to make images that diverge from realistic, as in some of my reflection photos.


  1. I never tire of SK sunrises!

    1. Me either, I always enjoy the days in the spring and fall when my walk to or from work coincides with sunrise or sunset.