Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Monkey Business


I wander outside after breakfast to see what I can see in the garden. I'm looking for flowers, insects, perhaps a lizard. I look up and there's a monkey sitting on the water tank watching me. I start to pull out my camera and it climbs onto the fence and disappears. I wonder if it gets chased out of the garden and that's why it moved away when it saw me. But it doesn't go far and a bit later comes back into view and I get a few pictures. A while later Shelley and I are leaving and we see it back on the water tank, obviously a favorite spot. My rating for our hotel goes up a notch - anyplace with a resident monkey is my kind of place :-)


PS. We've discovered that Darjeeling has lots of monkeys, so it wasn't unusual to see one.


baby monkey

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