Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Garden of Dreams


One of the sights listed on Triposo was the Garden of Dreams. Surprisingly it was close to Thamel but we'd never visited, or even heard of it for that matter. When we read about the history we realized why - it had only recently been rescued from long decay and only opened to the public in 2008. We'd walked by outside the wall of the garden many times but never known what was inside.

flowersYou have to pay to enter but it's only 200 rupees (about $2). It's a lovely escape from the hustle and bustle of the streets. In addition to the garden itself there's also a nice restaurant at one end and a quiet little bar at the other end.


We went in the morning when it first opened, mostly so it would be cooler. There were only a few other people around and we wandered peacefully and took lots of photographs. We had tea at the restaurant and decided to come back for supper.


When we returned in the evening we were surprised to see how busy the garden was. It's quite large so it wasn't crowded but there were a lot more people than in the morning. We had made a reservation so we got a choice table overlooking the garden. There were some rumbles of thunder but no rain, just big clouds that turned pink as the sun set.


After the sun went down the lights in the garden came on. I had brought a tiny pocket tripod with me, not big enough for the SLR but sufficient for the little RX100. With its big sensor (for a small camera) it does amazingly well in low light, producing quite acceptable results at ISO 6400


It was still early when we finished dinner so we moved to the bar at the other end of the garden. At first we weren't sure it was open since there were no staff or customers. But the doors were open and the lights were on and someone showed up to serve us. It was peaceful enjoying a glass of wine, watching the twilight garden.


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