Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Surprise Visitor

I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye late this afternoon, and turned to see this hawk outside my office window. I didn't think he'd stay long so I just watched and tried to remember so I could identify it later. (I think it's a Cooper's Hawk) It was fantastic to be able to see him up close.

He seemed to be staying for a bit so I hurriedly dug my camera out of my pack. Luckily I don't think he could see me moving through the reflective glass. Of course, the reflections also interfered with my photographs, as did the dirty windows! Still I was happy that I managed a few half decent shots. (click to view larger)

Coopers Hawk

Coopers Hawk

Despite the cold snowy weather, spring does seem to be arriving. At lunch I sat beside a window and watched a mouse scurrying back and forth. And on my walk home the gophers (Richardson's ground squirrels) were out and about. Some of the trees are starting to flower. I haven't seen any rabbits lately, but judging by the tracks in the fresh snow they are around. And of course, the geese are back on the river. The pelicans are usually back by now (April 15th last year), but I haven't seen them yet this year.

I don't think Innovation Place will be too happy about another visitor this winter. Something (porcupine?) has chewed the bark off the trunks of many of the apple trees. Since the bark is chewed off all the way around, I suspect that spells death for these trees. It must be tastier bark since other trees don't seem to be damaged.

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