Sunday, March 23, 2014

Print of the Week

This photo got a good response from Shelley and on 500px and it seemed suitable for a big print so I thought I'd give it a try.

We were hiking the overlook loop at Dead Horse Point State Park near Moab and the trail went by this tree, a Utah Juniper. The trail was a bit lower than the base of the tree so I could shoot upwards to isolate the tree against the sky. And it didn't hurt that the sky had a few clouds to make it more interesting. The tree itself had an interesting trunk, and unlike many of these junipers, it had a fairly simple shape. As usual, I grabbed my shots fairly quickly so Shelley didn't get too fed up waiting for me!

Utah juniper

I printed it 16 x 20 on Exhibition Fiber and I think it came out quite well. As always, if anyone is interested in a print of one of my photos, let me know.

When I went to print it I found that it wasn't as sharp as I'd like. I went back to my originals to see if I had taken another shot that was sharper. Luckily I had thought about the depth of focus at the time and taken another shot at f16 which was significantly sharper. (Although I hadn't paid attention to the shutter speed, which ended up at 1/90th, a little slow for handheld. If I had noticed I probably would have bumped this up and shot at ISO 400 instead of 200. The shake reduction system helps in getting away with this kind of thing.)

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