Saturday, March 01, 2014

Phoenix Climbing

After spending the morning at the arboretum we went to the nearby Queen Creek climbing area for the afternoon. I don't know if we were having a bad day or weren't used to the rock, or whether the grades are really stiff here, but we struggled on 5.9 sport routes whereas normally we'd find that grade straightforward.

Queen Creek climbing area


The next day we chose a climb called The Crying Dinosaur which is on the end of Superstition Mountain, accessed via Lost Dutchman State Park, just near where we were staying. It took us a while to find the route, partly because you can't see it until you've already gone too far on the main trail. It was easy but fun, with great views from the top, and a long free rappel on the descent.

springtime in the desert

Shelley on the summit

long free rappel

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