Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Upheaval Dome

For our hike today we chose the loop around Upheaval Dome. It's about 13 km with an elevation loss/gain of about 1500 feet, which took us about 5 hours of fairly steady hiking. There are warnings about this being the trail that the most people get lost on, but we didn't have too much trouble. It probably helped that we could follow the tracks in the snow on a lot of it. There is some scrambling but nothing too technical or scary. It was quite warm in the sun, out of the wind, but in the shady snow covered sections the toque and gloves went on.

You start off by descending fairly steeply down into Upheaval Canyon.

descending into Upheaval Canyon

There were even some pools of water in the canyon. (with some ice on the surface)

water, ice, leaves

Heading back up the Syncline Canyon


Notice the plaque on the rock pointing where the trail goes.


The view on the drive back to Moab.


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