Thursday, February 06, 2014

To Zion National Park

Heading south from Moab, we passed Wilson's Arch (beside the highway)

Wilson's Arch

We also drove through Monument Valley which is always impressive, but the light wasn't great and we didn't stop for any photos. (Our route is definitely not the shortest way to get to Vegas, but it's definitely scenic!)

It still would have been a long day (for us) to get to Las Vegas, so we decided to stop in Zion National Park. Once we got close to Zion it started snowing steadily and as we descended into the canyon that turned to rain. (warmer at lower elevations) Thankfully the roads weren't icy.

In Moab a cashier at the grocery store had asked where we were from. We said "Canada". She said it was probably just as cold in Moab - they'd had a whole month where it froze every night! In Saskatoon we'd call that "spring" :-)

We passed several groups of wild turkeys. I always enjoy seeing them. And it's nice to see a concrete reminder of a conservation success. Wild turkeys were just about wiped out, but with some help, they've made a great comeback and are now quite common.

wild turkeys in the snow

wild turkeys in the snow

I liked the clouds swirling around the cliffs in Zion

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

We stayed at the Zion Park Lodge, which actually wasn't that expensive with their off-season winter rates. It has the best location right inside the park, has a restaurant so we didn't have to go out in the weather, and there were deer and wild turkeys on the front lawn :-)

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