Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Favorite Photos

It's not exactly original, but it's fun to try to pick out my favorite photos from the year. I say "favorite" rather than "best" because I have no idea which are "best" or even what that means. Since I take photographs for my own enjoyment, it doesn't necessarily mean most popular, although I'm always curious about which ones people like.

I took lots of photographs in 2013 - over 15,000, a record for me. (It sounds like a lot but professionals might shoot that in a week.) More importantly, I ended up with quite a few that I liked, which is obviously better than sheer numbers.

My original thought was to pick my top 10 or 12. I'd already picked out a favorite 100 for another project, so I figured it wouldn't be too hard to pick from them. I should know better! The more you narrow them down, the harder it gets. It's almost depressing because you have to "reject" photos you really like. I gave up at 20. Then today I saw a few "favorite photos of 2013" blog posts, one had 34 photos and the other had over 200! So I actually went and put back a few. What the heck, you don't have to look at them all :-)

As usual, click on the images to view larger. Or view all 25 as a slideshow or overview.

hummingbird, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

wood duck
wood duck, New Orleans Audubon Zoo

butterfly, New Orleans Audubon Insectarium

spring icicles by the river, Saskatoon

spring rabbit
rabbit with spring coloring, Innovation Place, Saskatoon

mallard takeoff
Mallard duck taking off from the river, Saskatoon

chipmunk, Black Hills, South Dakota

red fox
red fox, Prince Albert National Park

reflections of grass
stylized reflections of grass, Anglin Lake

black bear in the rain
black bear in the rain, near Prince George

bald eagle ready for takeoff
bald eagle getting ready to fly, Haida Gwaii

Townsend's warbler
Townsend's warbler, Haida Gwaii

Kingsmere Lake sunset
sunset on Kingsmere Lake, Prince Albert National Park

bee on flower
bee on flower, Innovation Place, Saskatoon

magic mountain 1
reflection of Crowfoot Mountain in Bow Lake, Banff National Park

ladybug on leaf, Saskatoon

Canada geese in flight
Canada Geese in flight, Saskatoon

green heron
green heron, Miami

reef shark
reef shark, San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Hawksbill turtle
Hawksbill turtle, San Salvador Island, Bahamas

butterfly silhouette
butterfly silhouette, Key West Butterfly Gardens

lizard eye to eye
lizard, Key West Botanical Gardens

reflections, Miami

winter sunrise, Saskatoon

sunrise clouds
clouds at sunrise, Saskatoon

As always, if anyone would like a print of one of my photographs, please let me know.

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