Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wrapping Up

After a night in Miami we took the train north, stopping overnight in Schenectady as usual at the Stockade Inn and then continuing on to Montreal. We had a little snow in Schenectady but winter really hit when we reached Montreal where it was -16c with winds gusting to 50km/hr.

Miami was our last chance to sit outside for supper. (At Il Gabbiano - expensive but great view)


A nice tile mural on a wall:


Of course, I find my own artwork in the reflections in the water:


There is debate in Charleston over whether the cruise ships are desirable or not. The business people want more customers, but the residents would prefer not to be regularly inundated with tourist hordes. It was a foggy morning and you could barely see the cruise ship at the dock:

cruise ship in the fog

We went back to the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston. It's a small aquarium but a nice one. The staff are friendly and they bring out animals for you to see up close and take photographs of. (e.g. the barn owl and the snake below) They also have a sea turtle rescue operation which we toured. Here it's mostly loggerheads with a few greens, the opposite of the Florida Keys.

barn owl


We also did the Gateway walk through churchyards and cemeteries.



In cold Montreal we took refuge in the Pointe-à-Callière Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History. And now it's time for the two day train ride back to Saskatoon.

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