Sunday, November 24, 2013

San Salvador to Andros

To reduce my environmental impact, I joined the Infrequent Flyer Club and I've flown very little for the last three years - only a few short flights between Florida and the Bahamas. (Of course, car, bus, and train also have an impact, but less, and they have the potential to be sustainable, unlike flying.) The less I fly, the more I hate airports. Waiting in lines and "lounges", crappy food, security antics, and throughout being treated like you're in kindergarten. When we went through Nassau, we checked in and were told our next flight would board in an hour and a half. So we went and got a snack and coffee before going through security. We made the mistake of sitting near the check-in counter to eat it. The attendant came over and asked if we were lost. I said no. "So why didn't you go through security like I told you?" she said. When we said we had lots of time she just said "you should go through security like I said." In other words, do as you're told. I restrained myself from making a smart ass reply.

Nevertheless, I love the actual flying part. I love looking down at the earth from above, and seeing the clouds below.

I must admit the waiting in San Salvador couldn't be beat. We went over to the airport, checked in and dropped off our luggage, and then went back to the resort to wait till flight time.


It's very cool to look down on the islands of the Bahamas.


The colors of the water are amazing.


From Nassau to Andros it's a very short flight. (From where we're staying on Andros you can see the lights of Nassau across the water.) We're staying at Small Hope Bay Lodge where we stayed a couple of years ago. It's a nice spot on the beach with a small number of cabins among the palm trees. It's a family run place that's been here a long time. And it's even quite eco-friendly. I like that they charge extra to use the air conditioning since you don't need it this time of year, yet people would use it just out of habit.

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