Sunday, October 13, 2013

Print of the Week

railway bridge
14" x 20" on Exhibition Fiber
This is a split toned black and white conversion. The original image didn't have much color to begin with - a little blue in the sky, and a little warmer wood and early light. (The truth is, if the original image has much color I have a hard time giving it up!)

Here's the original untouched image (i.e. just default raw processing):

Considering I was shooting straight into the sun, the camera did a pretty good job on the exposure.

Here's the image after adjustments, but without the tint:

It's ok, but I liked the warmer feel of the original so I used the Split Toning in Lightroom and applied a similar tone to the highlights (leaving the shadows untinted).

As you can see I recovered some of the highlights, and lightened the shadows. I debated whether to make the far riverbank black, or to lighten it up even more. I decided to leave it dark but with a few details visible.

Although I've never obsessed over resolution, it's nice to have my "pocket" camera have enough resolution to comfortably make large prints like this.

As always, if anyone is interested in prints of any of my photos, let me know.

This is from my recent More Fall Colors set (not that the fall colors are visible in this one)

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